Note Threatens Bomb

Law enforcement and emergency responders were called to Southeast Lauderdale High School early Thursday afternoon.

Sheriff Billy Sollie said a crude, hand-written note was found in a campus restroom. He said it indicated a bomb was set to go off in the building at a certain time. A search of the building produced nothing unusual.

"We have successfully identified and prosecuted individuals in the past. This investigation has now begun on this campus. We'll utilize informants to help us to develop leads and identify the individual who posted this note," said Sollie. "Each faculty member will be given a copy of the note, and they'll be asked to look at this note and help us identify the handwriting."

Authorities remind everyone it is a felony to make a bomb threat of any kind.

Anyone with information about this case is asked to call Crimestoppers at (601) 917-8888. You may be eligible for a reward.