Fighting Fire with Education

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The Mississippi Forestry Commission reports that current wildfire danger is very high for many parts of the state, and once the fires start they spread rapidly.

"It has been extremely dry and many people have been burning debris," said Ed Brown, fire information officer with the state forestry commission. "And I recommend that nobody burn anything right now."

Since Mar. 1, nearly 800 wildfires have burned over 16,000 acres statewide. Most have occurred in the southern portion of the state.

"We do not have many people on hand to fight these fires that continue to burn daily," Brown said.

The dry weather conditions are expected to continue into April. The combination of steady winds and low humidity are making wildfire control difficult for firefighters to battle.

The forestry commission advised the public to report a wildfire by calling the Mississippi Forestry Commission for the central dispatch facility nearest you at 1-800-736-9115.