Veterans: "Finish the Job"

Members of VFW Post 79 make it a point to be a part of each other’s lives, a brotherhood decades after each served their country in conditions most of us might not be able to fully understand.

"I've experienced several wars. Except for Vietnam, this is the first time I remember where we didn't give it our all," said Joe Sneed, who served from 1949-1953 during the Korean conflict.

Fallujah has been a central area for resistance to U.S. and Coalition forces and the scene of the recent brutal murders of four American civilians.

Some of these veterans said that the human toll, American and Iraqi, is tragic, but a price sometimes exacted for freedom.

"We're trying to bring freedom to people who are not used to it," said Bob Gray, a Vietnam veteran, who added he's not sure he agrees with the original reason U.S. troops ended up in Iraq.

While the continuing conflict in Iraq and the War on terror have become issues in political campaigns, especially the presidential race, Sneed said our leaders don't need to let politics dictate military actions.

"We need to get in there, get the job done and get our boys home," said Sneed.