Way of the Cross Observed

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Beautiful weather marked Good Friday's "Way of the Cross" walk in Meridian.

It's an annual reenactment of Jesus' life from when Pilate sentenced him to his death on the cross, his burial and his resurrection.

"It's a way for all Christians to come together and witness to Christ that his death and resurrection are at the very center of our faith as Christians," said Father Elvin Sunds of St. Patrick Catholic Church. "And it is the most important event we celebrate."

Many different denominations were present, but when you get to the heart of the walk, they were all the same.

"To me, Christ made this walk and he made this walk for a lot of people, and if there is anything that we can give back in the spirit and the truth, walking for a cause and a reason. The Way of the Cross is a lot of different things to a lot of different people," said Minister Michael of New Wine Church.

The Way of the Cross touched people in different ways. There were smiles and tears.

"I don't know. It's just a great way to grow, to feel closer to people, have a deeper outlook of my faith," said one participant.

And after this year’s release of The Passion Of The Christ, participation seemed to be more than ever. The movie is credited for influencing many to attend Friday’s walk.

"This year is especially important to me because I went to the movie," said Irene Wade, speaking of Mel Gibson's "The Passion of the Christ". "And even though I knew the story, it was a new meaning added for me after having seen it."