Dalewood Upgrading Infrastructure

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Eliminating septic tanks was the only thing to do, according to Mike Schuller, chairman of the new Dalewood Sewer District Commission.

"There had been some talk, and rightfully so probably, that there was some contamination of the lake," Schuller said. "And with that, we felt that we didn't need to take a chance on anybody getting sick at all."

About 25 miles of sewer pipe had to be laid in addition to building the treatment facility.

"(It cost) approximately $3.2 million when we get completely through. The residents are paying right now $35," said Schuller.

Almost every property owner, an estimated 650 to 700, have signed up for the service.

"This is a 350,000 gallon per day activated sludge wastewater treatment system that will handle approximately 2000 homes," Schuller said.

There are still a few items to be done plus some asphalt work. Then there will be an in-house inspection and when that is completed the final step.

"Hopefully, we'll be through in another 60 days or so," said Schuller.

Existing septic tanks have been filled with sand as homes were switched to the new Dalewood Sewer System.