MHP Adds Touch Screens

According to the drivers license testing agency, the Mississippi Highway Patrol, the state's drivers test is now easier. It's as simple as the tap of a finger. The test is now offered via computer, for the very and not so very computer savvy.

"And it helps to relax you because it has a little pre-test of showing how the test will be issued. You can listen to the questions being read," said Master Sgt. Prentiss Parker of Troop H.

Offered in English or Spanish, the questions can be read aloud to test takers. Unlike the old test, which was divided into two parts with 40 questions in all, the new examination is all on one test of 30 questions.

"We've noticed that some of the people have a little more trouble because this new system has new questions and it's not some of the same questions that have been going on for 20 years," Parker said. "People have to study the driver's handbook on a regular driver's license to pass the test."

Because the test responses are automatically compiled for statewide statistics, officials say the state can better track where drivers are having most difficulty.