Mississippi Man Held Hostage in Iraq

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The images of Thomas Hamill captured are ones that have left Americans in shock and in fear.

"They attacked our convoy, that's all I'm going to say," Hamill is heard saying on an Australian TV network.

Hamill is a contract truck driver kidnapped Friday after his convoy was ambushed. Perhaps nowhere are they feeling the pain more than in Hamill's hometown of Macon, Mississippi, where American Flags are flying at half-staff.

Hamill's kidnapping is the latest in a series of abductions by Iraqi insurgents. His captors said he'd be treated worse than the Americans whose bodies were mutilated in Fallujah earlier this month, if the marines did not stop their assault of Fallujah.

The deadline to end the assault has passed, but Hamill's fate is unknown. When Hamill left for Iraq last September, it was the first time he'd flown on a plane.

Now his hometown, his family are hoping he returns from Iraq safe and sound.