Reeves Visits Meridian

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State treasurer Tate Reeves was in Meridian Monday to speak to local rotarians.

In light of Mississippi's budget problems, Reeves suggests caution when issuing new debt.

"It's important to note that we utilize the bond issuances for such projects as buildings and institutions of higher learning, as well as economic development such as the Nissan plant," said Reeves. "I just think we should be careful in issuing new debt and insuring that we are bringing jobs to the state."

The $3.2 billion of debt roughly translates to about $1200 per person in the state of Mississippi.

Reeves also visited Newscenter 11 to share information about unclaimed property available to hundreds of people. Companies are required to report unclaimed funds to the state treasurer, who in turn, attempts to locate and notify the rightful owners.

To check to see if you may be entitled to unclaimed funds, visit and click on "unclaimed property".