New Supervisor Appointed

Two actions by the Lauderdale County Board of Supervisors filled the District 4 seat. First, it was declared the seat vacant and then filled it by appointing Coach Sykes' widow, Laura Dean Sykes.

"It appoints her as the successor until a special election can be held which is defined as November 5th," said board attorney Rick Barry. "I believe that's the day for the regular elections."

Then Justice Court Judge Robbie Robinson swore in the board's newest member.

"I will faithfully discharge he duties of the office which I am about to enter, so help me God," said Mrs. Sykes, with her right hand raised.

Later Sykes confirmed she had told the board she would not run for the position in the election Nov. 5.

"I just wanted to serve the rest of Coach Sykes' term," she said. "The next couple of weeks I will try to get familiar with the District 4 and I will go to the baseball complex to see how it's going and then I'll come to the office and get familiar with things up there."

Sykes said her husband had talked with her often about his job but acknowledged there were certain things he was not at liberty to discuss.