School Closed Due to Water Line Break

At 11:30 classrooms were empty and halls filled with very few as students from all West Lauderdale schools were released early. The problem, a 15-foot crack in a main water line, which was discovered in the early morning hours Wednesday.

"And we weren't able to prepare lunch to feed the students and it's kind of hard to be on a campus with 1,200 students and no restrooms," said West Lauderdale High School Assistant Principal, Dr. Carol Weems.

The cracked pipe is located at the corner of Center Hill Road and Highway 495 because it's located so close to a gas station and road where phone and gas lines are located. Officials say they are bypassing the cracked area all together and laying down new pipe in a new location where once up and running the water will be rechanneled through it.

Officials from the North Lauderdale Water Association, Mississippi Department of Transportation and some county workers are working to fix the problem. Working non-stop since 5 a.m., officials say it could be daybreak Thursday morning before the work is finished.

Aside from West Lauderdale schools, at least 200 houses in the area are also being affected.

"From the Shell station at Center Hill Road on until Highway 495, all of the houses will be on a boil water notice until we get three days straight of clear samples back," says Lynn Pratt who is the manager for the North Lauderdale Water Association.

Work on the new pipes will continue throughout the night. Meanwhile, school officials will announce Thursday morning if classes will resume at West Lauderdale. Tune in to Good Morning Meridian for details.

Tuesday, Oakland Heights Elementary in Meridian closed for the day due to a break in a separate water line. Classes resumed Wednesday.