In Flight With the Blue Angels Preview

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At speeds well above 700 mile an hour, it is truly the flight of a lifetime. The Blue Angels granted three media flights on Wednesday to give the public a sneak peak at this weekends upcoming air show.

"Two hundred feet above the ground, to bring it directly in front of the crowd, and were going to do the same kind of maneuvers we do out in the fleet flying combat mission brings down to the general's public's level," Lt. Justin Otto, pilot 7 for the Blue Angels.

And if you think its all fun and games, think again. Not only does each pilot have to fly the plane, but he also has to fight off the gravity forced on his body during some of the maneuvers, not to mention during the show another plane is just inches away, but then again, that's why he is a Blue Angel pilot, considered one of the most revered positions in the Navy.

"For me it’s a panicle, something I've always dreamed of. I think the biggest reason is to represent those in the fleet. You know the planes we fly are blue but the ones they fly are gray," says Otto.

Those blue planes come at a price tag of $28 million and entertain million each year. A pace that takes it toll on even the most well trained servicemen.

"Every weekend from the beginning of January to the first week in November, we get two weeks off," say Otto.

Not to mention the toll the flight can have, a 45-minute ride is equivalent to a two-hour strenuous work out. Let’s just say this flight took its toll on me. You can catch the Blue Angels this weekend at NAS Meridian on Saturday and Sunday.

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