Tort Reform "Dies"

The House of Representatives voted to adjourn Wednesday evening
without first taking up a Senate tort reform bill on the House calendar.

The measure was not brought up by Rep. Ed Blackmon, chairman of the Judiciary A Committee. It died because Wednesday was the deadline for considering bills.

Another House banking bill that contains some tort reform items remains procedurally alive, but indications are it may not survive the regular session, scheduled to end May 9. However, a special session this summer to address tort reform is a possibility.

The executive director of the Mississippi Economic Council had recently expressed optimism for tort reform in Mississippi this year.

"We've got to change the way we operate," said Blake Wilson. "If we're going to be an emerging economy, if we're going to choose some of these new opportunities, we've got to position ourselves to field that opportunity and not go running after it."

Wilson said that many companies have avoided Mississippi because of what they view as an unfriendly climate for business.