Mississippi Family in Prayer

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Thomas Hamill, 43, a fuel truck driver for the Haliburton Company subsidiary, Kellogg, Brown and Root, was taken hostage by gunmen on Friday.

Hamill is a former dairy farmer from Noxubee County who was captured in Iraq when the gunmen ambushed a convoy of fuel trucks that he was in.

Authorities are working to identify four bodies that were discovered in Iraq Tuesday near the site of the ambush.

Hamill's captors aired a tape of him on Arabic TV and said they would kill him if U.S. forces don't withdraw from the city of Fallujah, but a Sunday deadline passed with no word of his condition.

Hamill's wife, Kelliem said the community has pulled together to support her family. She is also expressing sympathy for the families whose loved ones have been reported missing.

U.S. officials say seven Americans have been reported missing in Iraq.