Tax Deadline Looms

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As the saying goes, two things are inevitable: death and taxes. Thursday millions of Americans have until midnight Thursday to pay up. Moderate lines formed early Thursay afternoon at the post office, but local tax services say more people are taking the job into their own hands.

"Millions of Americans are preparing taxes themselves at home, either on a home computer or with their own software," says Barbara Mathews a tax advisor with H&R Block.

Regardless of your situation, you have to file something Thursday. Either your tax return or an extension form, but a little known fact is the extension only buys you time on the paper work, not the money.

"People have misconceptions about extension, if you owe money, that is due today along with the extension form," says Mathews.

Which mean, any money owed, if not sent Thursday makes you liable for interest and late fees applied to the whole amount. That money along with the return or either extension form must be post marked by mid-night Thursday night.

"We will be open until midnight Thursday, we will have one clerk here until 12:00. Also, you can drop returns in the lobby drop boxes here or the outside boxes on 22nd Avenue. We will then collate and make sure everything is postmarked for April 15th," says Danny Swancey, Postmaster for Meridian.

A lot of options for a filing, that weather done Thursday or in the extended four months, is in fact inevitable.