To Hire or Not to Hire?

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Less than a year ago, the resignation of one employee and the firing of another from the Lauderdale County Tax Assessor's office eventually led to the hiring of an outside firm to do appraisals for the county.

In a work session Thursday, the board of supervisors and tax assessor Jimmy Slay discussed the possibility of appraisals again being done "in-house."

"There was a quality of service in that office and I think that the board wants to put back in that office and that's having local folks dealing with local folks," said District 2 supervisor Jimmie Smith.

Smith said the hirings would return the quality of service to its previous level.

"You had folks that were in that office all the time that you could go in there any day of the week and talk about your property values,"
Smith said.

"With us working together, I think we can accomplish what we're both interested in doing," said Slay.

Both agreed that details concerning the matter should be put into writing, before being addressed by the board. The next regular meeting of the board is April 19 at 5:00 p.m.