Hamill: "Tommy Most Wonderful Man"

The wife of kidnapped hostage Tommy Hamill appeared on CNN's Larry King Live Thursday night.

Kellie Hamill of Macon made another plea for his safe return.

"I would like to let my husband know first of all that we love him and miss him very much. We hope he's doing fine. We would also like to say to the people that have him captive we hope they will release him unharmed and safe and let him come home to us just as soon as possible," said Kellie Hamill.

She went on describe the man who took the job of driving a truck in Iraq in order to support his family and pay medical bills.

"Tommy is a very family-oriented man," she said. "He's a kind and loving father and husband. He takes care of his responsibilities. He would do anything for anyone if he could. He's just the most wonderful person I've ever met."

Hamill was kidnapped Apr. 9 in Iraq and his fate is unknown.