Prosecutors to Seek Death Penalty in Hargon Case

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Yazoo County prosecutors preparing for Monday's preliminary hearing in the triple-murder case of Earnest Lee Hargon said a death sentence is their ultimate goal in the case.

Hargon is the 43-year-old former cattle truck driver accused of killing his cousin, Michael Hargon, Michael Hargon's wife, Rebecca and four-year-old son, James Patrick.

Authorities said Michael Hargon was shot to death and his wife and son were strangled.

The family disappeared on Valentine's Day and was missing for two weeks before their bodies were found

In preliminary hearings, prosecutors will present evidence in hopes that a judge will bind the case over to a grand jury, which would then hand down indictments, but even this early in the case, Yazoo County Assistant District Attorney Steven Waldrup said prosecutors are aiming for the death penalty.

Waldrup said the case is the most heinous with which he has ever been involved.