Soldiers Reflect on Time in Iraq

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Marco Larkin just recently completed a 12 month one week tour of duty in Iraq as part of the 287th Transportation Company out of Livingston. Ennis War also served in Iraq as a member of the 828th Transportation Battalion out of Livingston.

They said soldiers in Iraq live in a constant state of alert but say roadside bombs and insurgents are not the only dangers they face.

The intense desert heat, scorpions and sand storms help to make like a little more difficult in Iraq.

"Everyday there's something going on, there's somebody trying to kill you every day," said Marco Larkin.

Ennis Ward is a second grade teacher in Cuba, Alabama and could not be more thankful to be home. The last trip was her second deployment to Iraq.

The 287th Transportation Unit just returned home two weeks ago. This comes as many troops found out they would be staying for an extra three months in the war torn country.