CWA Declared "Best" by Rural Assocation

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Neshoba County's Central Water Association has been plagued with problems in the past, particularly in the House community, but many improvements have been made including a $1.3 million treatment plant.

Now, House is home to the "best drinking water in the state," according to the Mississippi Rural Water Association.

"Iron is the big problem in this area, through central Mississippi, and it takes a lot more treatment to get rid of that iron," said Joey Vaugn of the Mississippi Rural Water Association. "And that's the biggest problem that's plagued them in the last few years."

The new treatment plant in House is one of the main improvements that is a result of a $4 million grant and an $11 million loan.

Monday marked the completion of Phase 1 of a three-part improvement plan.

"Phase one consisted of three treatment plants, remodeling the filter system at another plant and some distribution in our east side division," said Glenn Goldman, general manager of Central Water Association.

Phase two and three include two more filter plants and several storage tanks along with updating the distribution system even more. This should be completed within the next 18 months.

"We had a real problem getting it treated and delivered to the customer in a good manner that would be drinkable and usable and that's what we have been trying to do for several years," Goldman said.

Officially online as of Monday afternoon, the House treatment facility passed a rigorous Health Department inspection.