Money Tops Supervisors Agenda

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The bill has come due for Lauderdale County's renewal of liability and property insurance. The total cost is slightly over $635,000. Meyer and Rosenbaum is the agent.

County Administrator Rex Hiatt said that represented another 12 to 15 percent increase.

"Probably the last four years or so it's gone up," said Hiatt. "Ever since 9/11 it's had increases."

On the other hand, the county made some money last Saturday, auctioning off surplus or unwanted cars and equipment in a public auction at the landfill. County engineer Neal Carson provided the figures.

"The amount of the auction generated $65,661.50," he said. "We sold probably 60 percent of the stuff that was there, and of course, we will keep adding to it and next time we have an opportunity we'll have another auction and we'll conclude what's left."

People who live on or use King Road will have problems this weekend. Carson asked the supervisors to close King Road during daylight hours both Saturday and Sunday.

"EMEPA has scheduled major line repair, King Road just north of their substation at Windsor and they have requested permission to block King Road Saturday and Sunday during daylight hours with signing and proper barricades because of a huge crane they're going to use in rebuilding this line for about 1,000 feet for the substation north," Carson said.

Asked if there was any way to detour around the crane and still keep King Road partly open, Carson said there is not. The board then approved the closing.