Lott: "Energy Policy a Big Issue"

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The war in Iraq is hitting home in more ways the one. Over 700 troops have died and thousands of Iraqi civilians, and now word on more troops to be sent and extended stays.

"We are there, we've done the right thing and we are going to follow through, but I also think we have to be prepared to admit when we have made mistakes and fix them, and I think there is some fixing needing to be done," says U.S. Senator Trent Lott, a republican from Mississippi.

Lott also feels some fixing needs to be done here at home. The war has taking an economic toll. Gas prices have sky rocketed, and as a nation who relies heavily on foreign countries for natural resources, Mississippi Senator Trent Lott says things have got to change.

"With volatility in the middle east and in places like Venezuela where we get a lot of our oil, and when you look at the fact we have our own supplies but our ridiculous laws keep us from getting to them or do not have incentives to make it successful to get them, we need to get something done," said Lott.

Lott is still standing behind a comprehensive domestic energy policy. A plan he claims will not only wean America of foreign oil, but will create more jobs in turn bolstering the economy and insulating America's security from unstable foreign nations like Iraq.

"I rate the number one issue before the Congress right now is energy policy, we need to do something done that this year," says Lott.

Current legislation to do so is aimed at providing incentives and funding to create alternative energy resources. Unfortunately, business and politics have influenced the process, and current legislation is stalled in the U.S. Senate Lott is calling this energy policy the number one domestic issue, mainly because he feels the economy of Mississippi and the U.S. could be at risk.