Infrastructure Project to Begin

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The starting point will be near the intersection of Sweet Gum Bottom Road and Highway 11/80. Meridian public works director Monty Jackson said the work will begin next Monday.

"I talked to the contractor today and he said he'll be moving equipment and material in next Monday. Actually, there is already a waterline in the area, as shown by a fire hydrant in the open field, installed by the town of Marion from a $250,000 grant in order to get access to the new sewage treatment plant. The city will hook up with that first and later connect to its own system," said Jackson.

The waterline will run along the property and the road from Highway 80 up Sweet Gum Bottom Road. There will be a water tank proposed next to a cell tower. The sewer line will take a different route.

"The sewer line will go from the west end of the industrial park under Highway 45 and then be laid along and parallel with Highway 80," Jackson said.

Actually, workers will drill under the tracks in order to get the sewer line to the disposal plant. The project will cost about $2.6 million.

Actual digging will begin Tuesday and Wednesday depending on the weather.