High Speed Chases

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In February 2001, Linda and Larry McCoy faced the nightmarish task of identifying their 18-year-old daughter, Robin, and Linda's 14-year-old niece, Dana Lee, after a tragic end to a police chase on U.S. 49 in Richland.

The two girls had accepted a ride from someone they knew. They were unaware the car was stolen and that the male driver would take the vehicle to speeds of 115 mph in an attempt to outrun police.

The McCoys now are dedicated to helping others who have lost family members in pursuits gone sour. They've started a unique organization in Mississippi -- Victims of Police Pursuits.

VPP tracks deaths and injuries stemming from police chases. The organization has counted 25 deaths and 25 serious injuries in the last two years in the state.

Linda McCoy said the state doesn't keep statistics on how often police pursuits occur and how many injuries or deaths are caused.

Keith May, assistant director and peace officer for the Mississippi Department of Public Safety's Office of Standards and Training, said department officials are working hard to enhance driver training for all law enforcement officers.