Pickering-Shows Race

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Congressman Chip Pickering says if the economy stages a recovery soon it won't become a fall election issue. But if it doesn't, the Republican Congressman says, it could have big political implications.

Congressman Ronnie Shows, Pickering's Democratic opponent in a new 3rd District, said he hopes constituents vote their frustrations over Wall Street's recent gyrations.

Shows says that Pickering has, "voted for all those trade bills."

Pickering said he supported the trade bill because it would give the president more ability to negotiate agreements while still giving Congress the ability to vote such agreements down.

In another vote related to the economy, Congress last week voted for new penalties for corporate fraud.

Pickering said he doesn't think Republicans -- long associated with big business -- will take heat for the scandals.

Shows says the country is in financial straits in part because Republican leaders have catered to corporations.

Shows and Pickering will debate the issues Thursday afternoon at the Neshoba County Fair in Philadelphia.