"Making the Grade" Rally

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Fun was the name of the game for West Hills Elementary School, which hosted a pep rally to get pumped up and excited about state testing next week.

"It was just a way to pull the whole school together, second through fifth graders, and we expect them to score proficient or advanced on the test," said principal Sandy Davidson.

The school even topped off the occasion by having a "crazy hat contest."

"These are my brain waves," said music teacher Teresa Chisolm, who had a pretty crazy hat, "to get the students to use their brains and do a good job."

Students will be tested in reading, language arts, and math. Davidson said she's confident her students will do even better than last year.

"West Hills has been a successful school for years, and we are expecting that or higher," said the principal.

"This weekend, instead of playing, I'm going to study for the test," said second grader, Allsion Reed.

"Get a good night's sleep and think hard," Cambrionna Pratt said.

That's sound advice from a group of students who hope that their school will score higher than last year's Level Three. State testing begins Tuesday.