Under Pressure

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The new North Meridian water tower is far ahead of its scheduled November completion time. Hugh Smith, assistant director of Meridian Public Works announced the good news Tuesday.

"Hopefully within the next couple of weeks we'll be connected to the system and in operation," said Smith.

North Meridian has long suffered from water pressure problems.

"That was one of the main reasons for constructing this tank was to address the low pressure problems in some of the higher elevated areas in the northern part of town and this should alleviate that," said Smith.

This a million-gallon tank that will basically serve the area north of North Hills Street but it will help the entire system east and west.

"Basically when you look at a system like that this will be the highest tank on the system so within a designated distance of this tank the residents will be affected by it," said the public works official.

The tower located alongside Highway 39 is 614 feet top to bottom. It stands on a cylindrical base and is extremely attractive.

"Having something like this, it's a beautiful structure, something the citizens can be proud of and also it serves a purpose on the distribution system," Smith said.