Hamill to Reunite With Wife

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Former hostage Thomas Hamill was flown to a German hospital recovering from a gunshot wound to the arm. His wife Kellie joins him for a reunion Tuesday.

A photo shows Hamill shortly after his daring escape with members of the New York Army National Guard. Hamill heard their Humvees and seized the opportunity, kicking down a door in the rundown shack he was holed up in and made a run for it.

“He was obviously very relieved once he realized we were Americans," said Lt. Joseph Merrill of the New York Army National Guard. "He was yelling I'm an American, I'm a POW. He had his hands in the air, waving his shirt around."

For the tight-knit town of Macon, which held prayer meetings every evening since his capture, Hamill's escape is nothing short of a sign of God's grace.

His wife said she never doubted their prayers would work.

"I wouldn't think about anything other than that I knew he would be home," said Kellie Hamill, "I had that feeling he was alive."

Thomas Hamill was kidnapped on April 9 after an ambush, along with two U.S. soldiers and several other civilian contractors. Some of them were found dead. Others, such as private first class Keith Maupin, are still missing.

Hamill's captors threatened to kill him if the U.S. didn't end its siege of Fallujah after 12 hours until this weekend, his fate was dangerously uncertain.

Hamill led National Guard members back to the House where he had been held. Two Iraqis working nearby were arrested, but it isn't clear whether they were involved with his kidnapping.