Fatal Accident Followup

"I'm not satisfied with the accident report. I know my daughter. I know her record."

Angela Bell is talking about her daughter, Shandy. Around 3:30 on the afternoon of April 6 while on her way to work at the Kemper County Sheriff's Department, 24-year-old Shandy Bell Hudson was killed in a two-vehicle accident on Highway 39.

According to the accident report, Shandy lost control of her vehicle. The question her mother now has is why?

"She actually had the seat belt on when she left. That's what her husband told me. I know Shandy and when she's frightened she'll try to get away from whatever frightened her. She'll protect her face. She had to have seen the car that hit her. She had to have seen it coming and jumped out of the seatbelt to the other side," says Bell.

Angela says it was Shandy's final position in the car, which makes her feel that there's more to the accident.

"In that fetal position in the car with her legs still under the dash board as though she was trying to get to the other side. Her body was at the seat."

While Bell says she's not necessarily blaming anyone for her daughter's death now, she says she's convinced that there's more to it. That's why she says she's planning to take other action. Exactly what that will be, at this time she says it's too early to say.

"I just pray that if anyone else was involved, that they will just speak up. If it was an accident I can understand that, but I don't wish this on anyone. "

This Friday at 11 a.m. the Kemper County Sheriff's Department will dedicate it's newly renovated 9-1-1 dispatch office in honor Shandy. The public is invited to attend.