Global Ministry

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Carter-Miller Associates, which during the past 26 years has built structures all over the world for the Assemblies of God Church, is ready for another ministry overseas.

"This convention center and this church came about as a result of an agreement between the Assemblies of God and the Ethiopian government," said Brad Carter, president of the company. "The Ethiopian government agreed to lease the property for 50 years if the Assemblies of God would put a convention center in Adis which is the capital of Ethiopia in East Africa."

This project represents a $25 to $30 million investment. Carter says it is in a troubled area.

"You can see Ethiopia just to the south of Sudan where there's a significant slave traffic today and just up to the west and the north of Somalia which has been on the news relative to different things that have happened in the past years," said Carter.

The architectural drawings clearly show the size of the building.

"The front elevation depicts six towers that go all the way around the structure and within these six towers are composed of smaller assemblies, training area, schools, space whereby overflow audiences will be able to attend when there's an overflow crowd that exceeds the 9,000 seat capacity," said the engineer.

Carter is scheduled to go to Adis, Ethiopia, East Africa Sept. 29 to see the site.