Greene Supporters Want Him Back

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The East Jasper school district board meeting was crowded with supporters of recently fired school superintendent, Dr. Montrell Greene.

Community, church and students leaders are circulating a petition to have Dr. Greene reinstated.

"And all we're calling for is the reinstatement of Dr. Greene but most of all, for the people of this community to be heard," said Earnest Johnson, a concerned citizen.

"I've never had a superintendent come to HHS and do the great work that Dr. Greene has done. Parent participation has increased," said Courtney Barnett, student body president at Heidelberg High School.

"Community support has reached higher heights. PTA membership has doubled. He even has our students here at HHS ready for testing and excited about testing. We're reading a new book each month."

Some parents said they may hold their children out of school Monday in protest.