Businesses Clash

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Early Tuesday morning, the Plantation Pipeline Company began tearing up the parking lot at Village Kitchen Restaurant in order to inspect three petroleum lines running underneath.

Connie Shannon, co-owner of Village Kitchen, said this is a problem, because it prevents customer access to her business.

"Their contention is that the pipeline needed to be concrete-coated for some kind of road crossing standard. That seemed a bit arbitrary at the time and I had issues with whether or not it applied to me," Shannon said.

To get to its pipeline, Plantation must tear up the entryway to the parking lot. After the inspection, the company would concrete-coat the pipes before more asphalt was laid. The cost would be placed on Shannon.

"It was not work that I could contract out, but work that had to be done by the pipeline company," said Shannon.

And she says there are other crossings, such as a gravel drive next door to the restaurant property, to which the road crossing standard has not been applied.

"I'm questioning (Plantation) pipeline's authority in making me do this and pay for it," she said.

Shannon did get a temporary injunction to prevent Plantation from until the matter can be heard in court.

"My objective in the beginning was to have this issue determined by a judge or by an arbitrator of some sort, to determine whether I was required to do it to begin with and whether I was required to pay for it," said Shannon.

Newscenter 11 was unsuccessful in getting a response from a Plantation representative.