Hamill Reunites With Wife

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Former Iraqi captive Tommy Hamill was reunited with his wife, Kellie, in Germany Wednesday.

Hamill is receiving treatment at an American military hospital there.

The Hamills are expected to leave the medical center by the end of the week to return to Macon, Mississippi.

Doctors say Hamill will make a full recovery from his physical injuries.

Mississippi senator Trent Lott said he was impressed with Hamill's upbeat attitude. And he said what he saw of the Macon native was even more impressive.

"Part of it was, when I watched him on video, you could look in his eyes. He didn't look like a man who was scared. He looked like a man who was in control of the situation," Lott said. "I think maybe once again that we saw the ingenuity of Mississippians. They're quite often underestimated and his own ingenuity is what got him free. We didn't spring him. He broke loose."

Lott said he talked with Hamill by telephone on Tuesday.