Elvis Alive in Fans

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Friday marks the anniversary of Tupelo native Elvis Presley's death. But his fans are still alive and well.

Elvis walked into Peggy Gray's life in 1955 in Meridian and he's been there ever since.

Gray first saw Presley perform at Meridian's Jimmie Rodgers Festival that year. She's collected Elvis memorabilia since then.

One of the bedrooms in her home became a shrine to the king at the encouragement of friends in 1990. The room is filled with Elvis items, from the life sized cut-out at the foot of the bed to dozens of his original 45 rpm records.

Gray says she loves his music, but there's something else she loves just as much, the home he loved. She has made around thirty trips to Graceland, and this is one of the few years she won't attend the annual candlelight vigil there.

Gray said when Elvis performed, it seemed like he was singing just to you. Maybe that's why, 25 years after he sang his last note, he's still one of the most popular and enduring entertainers in history.