Musgrove: Tort Reform on Table

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In a visit to NewsCenter 11 Thursday, the governor revealed that the medical malpractice insurance special session, scheduled for sometime later in the month, may be broadened to tort reform as well.

"About 1,000 doctors in Mississippi will be in a situation of not having malpractice insurance about Sept. 1," said the governor. "That's why I didn't think it could wait until the regular session. But I also told the leadership of the House and the Senate if your committee finishes the work and has the recommendation ready, then I would broaden the medical malpractice call and include the entire civil justice reform in the special session."

Civil justice reform is the governor's terminology for what is commonly called tort reform. Then we turned to economic development, or the lack of it, in our part of the state. This area of the state is still waiting for it to happen.

Asked if the possibility of a Nissan spinoff exists, Musgrove replied, "Yes, in fact in Forest, Mississippi we already have one as a tier one supplier. We want to get some over in Meridian and this whole area. So we're going to work hard to make sure that we can provide jobs right here in east central Mississippi and we'll continue to do that."

Other subjects discussed included Medicaid, prisons including the East Mississippi Correctional Facility at Lost Gap and the state's approach to the West Nile virus threat.

The entire interview may be seen Sunday, Aug. 18, at 5:30 p.m. on WTOK-TV, Channel 11.