Lott Condemns Abuse

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Sen. Trent Lott condemned the abuse of Iraqi prisoners in a conference call with Mississippi reporters.

The senator minced no words in his reaction to recent disclosures of prisoner abuse in Iraq. He made it plain there are, in his mind, no excuses.

"Obviously, this conduct is unacceptable, intolerable, not in compliance with Geneva rules," Lott said. "And while, clearly, interrogation of prisoners is not a pretty thing or always that easy, this sort of humiliation or perversion is not what America is all about."

"We need to find out how it happened, has it been stopped, are we making sure that these men and women are the right people to be guarding in these facilities and that they do have oversight in the chain of command," said Lott.

Then the senator offered an idea on how to restore America's image in that part of the world.

"I would like to take that prison facility, which was one Saddam Hussein used also, and mow it down with bulldozers," said Lott. "That place is evil, apparently always has been, and that would symbolically show at least that we weren't going to participate or allow anybody to conduct that sort of an action there or anywhere that Americans are involved."

"There's no use trying to put lipstick on this pig," said Lott. "It's ugly and unfortunate."

The senator said he and Congress are waiting for further explanations from the administration.