Church Dispute

It all happened Thursday night at New Hope Baptist Church in York.

Around 7:30 during choir practice we're told that one of the church's long time members allegedly walked into the sanctuary and began allegedly making threats to fellow church members who then took off outside. Once outside they say the suspect followed them and began to show a gun. While no one was hurt, a short time later the suspect was taken into custody by York Police.

Arrested was 75-year-old Ella Craig, who tells us she's been a member of the church for 35 years and is upset because some church members will no longer allow her to have weekly singings in the building. For the incident she was charged with reckless endangerment and public intoxication.

"Sister Craig came there and one of the kids outside spoke to her and she said, 'Child you better run 'cause I'm gonna kill everything in there!" says church member Betty Miller.

"I felt scared," says church member Bonnie Rogers. "I'm not afraid of her. I'm afraid that she might pull the trigger and I saw the pistol."

Sumter County Sheriff Johnny Hatter tells us that by making the arrest, police were just doing their job.

"You take all threats seriously. You never overlook none of them because you never know when the day is coming," says Sumter County Sheriff Johnny Hatter.

Friday morning Craig was released form jail on $800 bond. She tells us she will resume her singings this weekend at Elizabeth Hall in York.

Meanwhile, church officials tell us they will resume services this Sunday with no only "New Hope" as the church's name but also with "new hope" for peace.