Paving Starts at Park

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The road that leads to Q.V. Sykes Baseball Complex from Old 8th Street Road has been a dirt and gravel dust bowl for quite some time. But that is changing. County crews have begun the paving project.

"I know all of these people that have been coming and going have been putting up with that," said county engineer Neal Carson.

He said crews will be working for the next few weeks to complete the road project. In the end, the only area that will remain unpaved, due to the lack of money, will be the parking lot. That will be graveled.

"In order to finish this parking lot, it's going to take more money," Carson said.

Q.V. Sykes Park already hosts games for a wide range of leagues and is the home to the Meridian High School baseball team.

Many hope the improvements will attract statewide tournaments and open the door to greater activities in the area.

"With that facility being improved, it will help us bring in more people for the State Games," said Lisa Holifield of the Lauderdale County Tourism Bureau. "The improvements will allow Meridian Community College to bid on a tournament."

"I fully believe that once we get the road paved and the shoulders backfired, it's going to add immensely to the acceptance of these ball field and the use of them," said Carson.

Carson said the project cost $100,000, mainly due to the cost of asphalt. Through normal wear and tear, the roads should last for the next twenty years, according to the engineer.

After this project is completed, crews will move on to other road programs in the county.