Hamill to Return Saturday

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Josie Harvey, secretary to Mayor Dorothy Baker Hines, said Hamill's wife, Kellie, called city hall early Friday to confirm their arrival at the Meridian Airport. Harvey said officials had no other details.

Hamill escaped his Iraqi captors Sunday and has been treated for an arm injury at Landstuhl Regional Medical Center in Germany. He was wounded when his convoy was ambushed Apr. 9. Hamill said earlier this week that he was particularly looking forward to quiet time with his family.

As a result, the town of Macon called off plans for a parade and other celebrations.

Hamill's mother, Phyllis Hamill, who lives with her son, told The Associated Press that she's as anxious as everybody else to get him home. She also said Hamill also faces additional treatment for his arm wound.

One of the first things Hamill will encounter after meeting with his family will be letters and calls offering him movie and book deals. Phyllis Hamill said her son has received mail about movie deals and "all sorts of things."