Paving, Activities Set

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Infrastructure projects were discussed by leaders at the Council of Governments meeting Monday.

Board of supervisors president Joe Norwood said the long awaited paving program for Q.V. Sykes Park is now underway.

"As of today, they've completed the parking lot paving, half the street and they have to come from the gate all the way out to Q.V. Sykes
Lane," Norwood said. "Hopefully, they'll have that complete by the end of this week."

Ward 1 Meridian city councilman Dr. George Thomas reviewed the city's action.

"Paving is supposed to start next week, according to what the council was told. They said within two weeks paving would start and within 270 calendar days it would be finished," said Thomas. "The parking garage is making tremendous progress, will be up quickly. Mississippi State says the Riley Education Center will be open Dec. 17 of next year. They're making progress on that. Everything's going good as far as I know."

Ward 4 city councilman Jesse Palmer reported the city's motels and restaurants will be bursting at the seams next month.

"The last week in June is going to be a very busy one for Lauderdale County and the city. The State Games will be going on. We'll have the Meridianites Picnic starting that Wednesday and also something most folks don't know about. We'll have Middleton Attendance Center reunion which would incorporate maybe somewhere in the neighborhood of 2,000 or more people," Palmer said.

Other projects under consideration include a final decision on where to locate the interchange to the new industrial park and water and sewer to that park.