Drawing It Like He Sees It

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Marshall Ramsey, editorial cartoonist for the Jackson, Miss., Clarion Ledger newspaper spoke to business leaders in Meridian Tuesday.

He pulls no punches in his editorial cartoons, drawing what he thinks.

"You know, it's funny because politicians get mad but I don't care because they work for the taxpayers," said Ramsey. "They work for us and if they get mad at me over a cartoon, I really, it's not personal for me. I mean I don't dislike. Well, there's one or two I don't particularly like, but for the most part, I don't dislike these people and most of them I actually have met are decent human beings and they're trying to do a job. But there are some things they do that deserve cartoons and if they don't like that they probably shouldn't be in political office."

Ramsey said everyone asks about his favorite political subjects.

"(Gov.) Kirk Fordice was awfully good for business. I still wish he would come out of retirement. I think he could serve Mississippi well," said Ramsey. "(Gov. Ronnie) Musgrove turned out to be good, too, just because it was in a different way. And (Gov.) Haley (Barbour) is stepping up to the plate."

Ramsey's past subjects also include retired Cong. Sonny Montgomery of Meridian.

"He called me up and said I want to thank you for not forgetting me and I'm glad to know the people there didn't forget me. And I said how could they forget you? Everything's named for you," joked Ramsey, "and he said that's not true. I'm still working on a bridge and a port."

In addition to his work you see daily in the Clarion Ledger, Ramsey is also syndicated in a number of other newspapers. He has also published a book of his political cartoons.