Commercial Appeal

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You know their faces. You know their voices. And while chances are you might not know them, you most likely know their product. That's the point, after all, of a commercial.

For years, local commercials have made local celebrities out of the people behind them.

One is Tracy Roberts, or better known to you probably, as the "T & D Furniture Lady.", for the past 11 years.

Tom and Diane, where the T&D come from, own the furniture store, but Tracy brings in the business.

"I am sure it works, because they are constantly seeing me," said Roberts. "And I say then, it's working.

And it not only works here, but also in a sister store in Pearl, Miss., where there is an actual sister who often gets confused for Tracy.

"Every day, every day. The first customer I waited on today, was like I saw you on T.V. the morning, and I was like, no. you didn't. That was my sister," said Tammy Armstrong.

In fact, Tammy used to do the commercials years ago, but now leaves the job to Tracy, who not only brings in the business but also the fans.

"We get old, old, old men who call and ask, "where is she?" They want to see her," laughed Armstrong.

"A lot of times they will say, look it's the "T & D Furniture lady" and I will just turn around and wave and say hey," she said. "I like what I do and I am of proud of it."

It's one example of how just one commercial can enhance the good, old fashioned American dream.

"I am just like everybody, trying to make a good living, and do a good job," said Roberts.

And to do that good job, Tracy, just like so many people before her, has become the spokesperson for the company she works for and in turn has become a household name...or at least, household face.