National Tourism Day

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This week is National Tourism Week. To celebrate the occasion, Lauderdale County and Sumter County honored and thanked visitors.

A proclamation was issued in Lauderdale County to mark the role that more than 250,000 visitors who registered at the Lauderdale County Welcome Center in 2003.

"Tourism is a big part of economic development in this area. Last year, during the fiscal year, visitors spend $110.6 million each year, so it's very important for us to showcase what is going on in this area," said Lisa Holifield of the Lauderdale County Tourism Bureau.

The program headlined under the theme "the new south at its best."

The friendly faces at the Sumter County Welcome Center in Alabama provide valuable information about the state to tourists and people every day.

"There are places to visit, places to stay, places to eat here in Alabama and it's a vital role," said Jerry Hale, manager of the Sumter County Welcome Center.

National Tourism Week ends this Sunday.