WW I Navy Vet Remembered

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On a personal quest to make sure every veteran has a memorial of some sort, Chuck McElroy of Post 79 helped place a memorial marker for Quartermaster 3rd Class, Montague Delauncey.

"To me, it's a great honor because at long last we are honoring somebody that has been dead for many years, but still he's a veteran. He fought for his country. He died for his country. He needs to be honored," McElroy said.

On June 12, an official dedication ceremony will be held for Delauncey, who died on board the U.S.S Buena Ventura in 1918.

"This is our way of preserving history, preserving the story of these men that went off and many of them didn't come back," said Ward Calhoun, Jr., Lauderdale County's records manager. "And he was one of them. And the world needs to know about these men."

All surviving family members of Montague Delauncey are invited to the June 12 ceremony. They are asked to contact chuck McElroy at (601) 482-4508.