What's in a Name?

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The supervisors had been presented a petition asking them to rename Sweet Gum Bottom Road to A.M Walker Drive. Since it was a city street the county sent a letter to the City Council endorsing the request without checking the petition and signatures. The council granted the request.

Recently Sadie Martin, a resident of the road, was notified her address had been changed. Thursday she appeared before the board of supervisors. She said the petition actually dated back to 1998 and had been signed by people who were not even residents of the area.

"These are lists of people who never even had any idea that it was even under consideration for a change," Martin said. "Now this is a list of persons who were never part of the signatures here or had never even heard about it and I am one of them."

Martin said she spent several days researching the nearly six-year-old petition.

"I still think the board of supervisors could have taken the opportunity to check out the validity of the signatures on here. We have many people who signed for others. We have people on here who were minors. We have folks here, some of them can't even write their name. We have people here who do not even live on the road," she said.

Martin and fellow resident Marie Franklin said they have spoken to city council members.

"A couple of them said they did not want to make the change. Well, why did they?" asked Franklin. "Because in their reading of your letter they were under the understanding that you were asking them to do this and all the homework for doing it had been done."

It appears the board will write the requested letter. Martin, Franklin and others will appear before the city council Tuesday and ask that the name "Sweet Gum Bottom Road" be restored.