Gas Prices

"Too high! They're TOO HIGH! Ooh! They're just hurting me."

That's how Eric Newell is describing the new gas prices at one Chevron near downtown. Overnight, the prices on all gas went up ten cents per gallon.

$1.99 a gallon, that's the price for regular unleaded gasoline at the Chevron station on 8th Street near downtown. While gas prices at other stations may be lower, they could soon follow suit.

After all, with Memorial Day three weeks always and gas prices traditionally get higher during the holidays, AAA officials predict that prices, such as the ones at this station, may soon tip to $2. Leaving motorists paying more, while getting less.

"As you can see I just spent $20 and I didn't even get 10 gallons worth of gas. I mean something's got to change," says concerned motorist Albert Breaizel.

Since late December, things have been changing but not necessarily for the better, especially for motorists. According to a Lundberg Survery, since December 19th the average price of gasoline nationwide has risen by almost 35 cents a gallon. Why? Survey analysts attribute this to high oil prices and soaring demand.

With the summer travel season ahead and prices expected to continue to rise, at least one motorist we talked with says he's now seriously exploring other options.

"Something's got to change. I mean if not, I'm just going to have to do like some people and just get me a bicycle from Wal-Mart and ride to work for the summer," says Breaizel.