High Court to Hear Remapping Dispute

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The Supreme Court has agreed to referee a congressional boundary dispute from Mississippi. The decision is a victory for democrats who are contesting a plan that helps republicans.

The case will be the first reviewed by the court over boundaries drawn using 2000 census data.

Plans by many other states are also being contested. However, the court did not intervene in time to affect this year's election.

Primaries were held last week in districts approved by a federal panel earlier this year.

Mississippi is losing one of its five congressional seats because of sluggish population growth in the 1990s, and incumbents Chip Pickering and Ronnie Shows are competing for one seat.

The ultimate question is which court-drawn plan becomes Mississippi's map.

One appears to favor the republicans and was drawn by a federal three-judge panel. The other is a state judge's plan that appears to make it easier for a democrat to win.

The federal panel ruled that the state judge didn't have a constitutional right to get involved in a congressional redistricting challenge.