Lott Proposes Cuts Overseas First

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Sen. Trent Lott made his argument on the floor of the Senate as an amendment to the BRAC Act as it now stands.

"But I do rise to offer this amendment, which would modify the Base Closure Act of 1990, BRAC, to first consider our needs overseas before we go forward with closing more bases at home," Lott said.

Lott pointed out BRAC could possibly close up to 25 percent of our existing domestic bases while leaving those overseas intact and then he listed them.

"Eighteen in Belgium, 310 in Germany, 12 in the Netherlands, 101 in South Korea, 54 in the United Kingdom. There's a list here of what we have overseas," said Lott. "A total of 721 facilities overseas."

The senator said his amendment would not do away with a domestic BRAC effort, but would instead, place overseas bases first for possible closure.

"This amendment makes good sense. It doesn't stop BRAC. It allows it to go forward but it puts the horse before the cart. Let's look at the overseas situation. Let's assess what we need there. Surely there's some bases and installations in the United States that could be closed, but I think we should do it in an orderly way and I think the timing of doing it now could not be worse," said Lott.