Four Deployments and Finally Back Home

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"I think I am the same person who left here, just a little older and a little more wise," said Sgt. LaShanda Trussell.

Wisdom that has come from four deployments in her time with the armed forces. Since 1992, Lashanda Trussell has been sent twice to Saudi Arabia, once to Kosovo while stationed in Germany and most recently a year rotation in Iraq.

"It's hard. You try to put thoughts of your family and really how you think about things everyday when you are not in a situation like that. You try to put all that behind you, because it takes focus off of what you are supposed to be doing right then," said Trussell.

Trussell is a Meridian native who graduated from Meridian High School. In order to pay for college, she became a reservist. A year later she was activated and now serves as a sergeant with the 289th Quartermaster Company out of Fort Hood, Texas. Today this single mother is using her time at home to reflect on the simple things.

"Seeing my mom, seeing her smile, hearing her laugh. And seeing my daughter, actually touching them and seeing and talking with my grandmother," explained Trussell.

These are things many of us take for granted every day, but action this soldier is relishing because her 5th deployment could be right around the corner.

"We are always thinking about things over there because I could be back over there in a year," Trussell said.