Bomb Threat Investigation

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The Meridian Public School District asks for your help in the investigation of a bomb threat Monday at Meridian High School. A male caller claimed three bombs were in the school.

"The suspect is being questioned by the police department," said Dr. Sam Thompson, director of security. "We've also conducted an initial investigation. At this time we're talking with the police. however, we would like for the public to know that this is only a suspect. there's still a possibility that the person who actually made the call is still out there. So we're still inviting individuals to go ahead and give us that call if they have information."

Students were evacuated for about an hour and a search conducted, but nothing was found. Information about the bomb threat may be called in anonymously at 484-4906.

Two students were disciplined for using cell phones on campus after being instructed not to do so. As stated in the student handbook, students are not allowed to have or use cell phones on campus.

Thompson said it's possible a cell phone could trigger a real bomb, if it's set to a certain frequency.