Board Mulls West Nile

West Nile Virus
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Lauderdale County's supervisors, concerned over an incidence of West Nile virus in our area, discussed methods of mosquito control with Lema Director Clarence Butler. He told the panel he's located the type of sprayer needed.

"I talked with the company this morning and he told me he had three on hand," said Clarence Butler, LEMA director. "He had two of them loaded up going to Forrest County. At that time he had one left and would be out the rest of the day so it's very possible we could get one tomorrow."

The supervisors voted to buy two of the units at a cost of $7,500 each. One is expected to be delivered Thursday and the other next week. Extended Web Coverage

Mosquito Protection Tips

  • Wear long-sleeved shirts, long pants, hats and boots to reduce exposed skin.

  • Limit outdoor activities between dusk and dawn.

  • Apply repellent liberally to all exposed skin areas.

  • Apply repellents to clothing, shoes, tents, mosquito nets, and other gear.

  • Use mosquito coils (ensure coils do not contain DDT).

  • Sleep in well-screened areas whenever possible.

  • Ensure that door and window screens fit tightly and do not have holes.

  • Insect repellents that contain 30-35 percent DEET (N, N-diethyl-m-toluamide) will provide adults with sufficient protection. The concentration of DEET in a repellent should not exceed 35 percent. Products with lower concentrations of DEET are effective but for a shorter period of time.

  • Reducing the amount of standing water on your property can significantly decrease the potential for mosquito breeding around your home.

  • Common breeding sites may include garbage cans, clogged roof gutters/drainage ditches, birdbaths, pool covers, flowerpots, tires, tarps, rainwater barrels, wading pools etc.

  • Containers that may accumulate water should be removed or holes drilled in the bottom.

  • Pools should be maintained and ornamental pools aerated or stocked with fish.

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